Plan a Camping Trip to Belair National Park with your Kids

For families who wish to truly explore the splendour of Adelaide, a camping trip in Belair National Park is an excellent way to start.

The bushland has some great activities complete with tennis courts, picnic areas and camping sites for young ones, and adults. Also, this national park is among the first to be dedicated to the heritage of South Australia, and is now home to the State Flora Nursery and Old Government House.

Things to Do

Camping here with your kids can be a rather adventurous and educational experience worth having. As one of the 15 biodiversity hotspots of Australia, this park is home to some exquisite native animals and vegetation.

The new and improved visitor facilities along with self-contained caravan parks and tent sites in the outskirts of the park allow you to spend a peaceful weekend. The park is open all through the week starting 8 AM in the morning, up until sunset.

Fun Activities for Children

Enjoy your time here by spending the day bird watching, animal spotting, cycling, riding horses, venturing on self-guided walking trails, playing a friendly match of tennis in the in-house courts or wilderness walking.


The Yurrebilla Trail passes through the Belair National Park all the way to the Black Creek Conservation Park and offers a unique opportunity to cultural and environmental discovery along with some of the most spectacular views of the Adelaide Hills.

At the end of a long day, you can set up a barbecue in the relaxing picnic areas and make the most of this time bonding with your children.

Fossicking for diamonds, gold and other gems is also a fun activity to pursue with the little ones. Finally, close by, also sits the Kupito Forest that is spread over 3600 hectares of land and offers lush camping grounds all year round except during the seasons of fire danger.