Plan a short trip to the Flinders Ranges which will give you a combination of scenic beauty, flora and fauna and some fun activities to enjoy. You can visit this place anytime though the best time to visit is late autumn, winter and spring. We want you to have best experience and for that we have listed a few campsites which will increase the joy of your trip.

  1. Wilpena Pound Campground
  2. Wilpena



    Wilpena Pound Campground is located in Flinders Ranges National Park. This is a very large campsite set in stands of cypress pines. You can go birdwatching, hiking or cycling. They also have barbeques for you to enjoy a great picnic with tables as well. Facilities like hot shower, telephone, drinking water and toilets are available.

  3. Farina Campgrounds
  4. Farina Campgrounds is located in Farina. This is a popular campsite for all the travelers. The campsites are close to the historic ruins of the one-time railway town of Farina, you can find pictures and signs in and around some of the old buildings. Also, you can bring your dog along for the picnic fun and some birdwatching in the area.

  5. Koolaman Campground
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    Koolaman Campground is located in Flinders Ranges National Park. This campground has an area of 6 well-shaded campsites amongst cypress pines and accessible by conventional vehicles and an open area with 7 sites and little shade accessible by 4WD vehicles. This site is apt if you are looking to camp in classic creek side.

  7. Grindells Hut camping Area
  8. Grindell
    Grindells Hut Camping Area is located in Vulkathunha-Gammon Ranges National Park. This campsite is a dispersed bush camping along the edge of a creek and also considered a good base for exploring Weetootla Gorge and many Italowie Creek. This campsite is best suited for 4WD but make sure to enquire road conditions before hitting. You can also get Grindells Hut on rent.

  9. Trezona Campground
  10. Trezona Campground is located in Flinders Ranges National Park. This camping area has 14 sites beside a large creek and shaded by cypress pines and river red gums. This site got its name from from the ancient shales and limestones of the craggy Trezona Range. You can go on a self-guided hiking in the area.

  11. Merna Mora Bush Camping
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    Merna Mora Bush Camping is located in Merna Mora Station. Drive to this amazing and well accommodated campsite to explore historic ruins including kilns that were built for the construction of the Ghan Railway line and the ruins of the original Merna Mora station that was built of stone in the early 1900’s. This is a well accommodated site with hot showers and other facilities. You can also bring your dog along.

  13. Rawnsley Park Station Camping Area
  14. RawnsleyBluff
    Rawnsley Park Station Camping Area is located in Rawnsley Park Station. This site is a very large camping area with camping within the caravan park or secluded bush campsites. There is a camp kitchen, telephone, hot shower, drinking water and other such facilities available for all the campers along with activities such as swimming, cycling, bush walking and bird watching.

  15. Willow Springs Bush Camping
  16. Willow Springs Bush Camping is situated in Willow Springs. This large campsite offers secluded bush camping opportunity. You can find amenities block close to the homestead, along with a camp kitchen. You can enjoy, horse riding, birdwatching, cycling and hiking in this area.

  17. Alpana Station Camping Area
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    Alpana Station Camping Area is located in Alpana Station. This large campsite will provide you the perfect outback experience. Enjoy great 4WD experience on great track in the vicinity. There are also many camping options from bush camping with no facilities to powered sites with almost all the facilities are available. You can also enjoy activities like horse riding, cycling, hiking and birdwatching and can bring your dog along.

  19. Parachilna Gorge Bush Camping
  20. Parachilna Gorge
    Parachilna Gorge Bush Camping is located in Parachilna Gorge. This site is well known for bush walking. It offers you a view of pale trees, red cliffs and pale coloured creek beds. You can go 4WD on the rocky roads of this site, also you can enjoy birdwatching and beautiful scenic lookouts. You can camp with your dog at this site.