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Understanding Topographic Maps and Their Uses

topographic maps

If you are one of those outdoor enthusiasts yearning for a long Aussie bushwalk or you belong to a survey crew researching conservation, mining or developmental projects, your best tool in hand is a topographic map.   Printed topographic maps have been in use for many years and have proved to be an important cartographic […]

10 Great Hiking Places in Australia

10 Great Hiking Places in Australia

From tropical rainforests to rugged mountains and golden beaches, Australia has it all. Gifted with such beautiful landscapes, Australia is hiking paradise and here is a list of some of our top hikes. These range from half day to more than a week’s hikes. Take a look and tell us your favourites. Multi Day Treks […]

How to choose the right GPS street navigator device for your t...

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is widely accepted as an important tool of control in several sectors of modern life, not least as a valuable aid to navigating in city and country. This blog will discuss some of the aspects relating to Street Navigation GPS, a future blog will discuss handheld ‘bushwalking’ GPS. Before the […]

Marine Charts: How to read them and their uses

Marine Chart

Marine charts can be defined as the “street map of the ocean”. Being one of the most important navigational devices, charts have helped thousands of mariners understand the coastline and open ocean while enabling safe navigation at sea. While most marine charts bring forth key information about hazardous zones, location of the nearest islands, shape […]

Australia’s Top 10 National Parks

Australia’s Top 10 National Parks

A trip to Australia is incomplete without a visit to some of the world famous National Parks Australia is proudly home to. No matter in which part you go, You can’t hold yourself from appreciating the rich flora and fauna. Australia has more than 500 National Parks, which cover over 28 million hectares and 4 […]