Apart from many famous sites to visit on land, Sydney is one of the few cities to offer great range of beautiful places to see by Kayak. Treat your eyes with pristine sandy beaches, deep gorges, spectacular views, dense bushlands and what not. So, hire a kayak and set yourself to visit some of the best places to see by kayak in Sydney.

  1. Hawkesbury River from Richmond to Brooklyn
  2. Hawkesbury River

    ral ral creek


    Paddle the 120 navigable kilometres of the historic Hawkesbury River. Enjoy its beauty and all it has to offer by covering it in a daylong 30 kilometres chunks which is waiting to be discovered. Go kayaking and discover this unique place which has unique place in both European history and the Aboriginal of Australia.

  3. Narrabeen Lagoon
  4. NarrabeenSydney Lagoon
    Go kayaking to the largest coastal lagoon in Sydney, Narrabeen Lagoon which has just become a Narrabeen State Park. This scenic and exciting 11 kilometre trail where you can walk or cycle will give you serenity in the Northern Beaches gem is worth visiting.

  5. Bobbin Head, Historic Cowan Creek
  6. Bobbin head
    Paddle your way to this glorious waterway which is surrounded by steep hills covered with dense bushes surrounded by pristine beaches all over the place. Once you start paddling you will discover why in history this place was chosen to be the capital of new commonwealth of Australia.

  7. Pittwater
  8. sydney region


    Paddle in the colourful Pittwater and discover its most interesting Westside which is away from mega houses, powerboats and yachts. Enjoy the solacity by taking a walk through the bushes to the waterfall or enjoy at the sandy beaches on Morning Bay.

  9. Georges River and Chipping Norton Lakes
  10. Georges river easthills
    Paddle in this man made paradise where a series of lakes and creeks are linked by the Georges river. Enjoy sheltered sandy pull-in points and witness over 50 different species of birds including pelicans, egrets and sacred ibis.

  11. Lane Cove River
  12. Lane Cove River
    Located in the centre of the city with an amazing past, Lane Cove river is a great destination for kayaking. Brace yourself and paddle through the sandstone rock formations, tree-clad banks and picture perfect views.

  13. Berowra Waters
  14. Berowra Waters Berowra Creek NSW
    Paddle into the paradise into the fascinating history from the convict era with steep cliffs, beautiful bush and houses. Plan a great day out kayaking in this protected waterway which is a part of Hawkesbury River.

  15. Colo River
  16. Colo River

    torrens island canoe


    Colo River, also regarded as the last pristine river in NSW is waiting to be discovered by Kayakers. The lush river has wildlife in abundance and native heath vegetation which are supported by steep sandstone cliffs. Also get a chance to spot The Wollemi pine which was thought to be extinct but was rediscovered here.

  17. Sydney Harbour
  18. Sydney skyline
    A visit to Sydney is incomplete without visiting Sydney Harbour. Paddle in the Sydney Harbour to discover the beauty of Sydney from a different view. Visit Onions point in Woolwich, Woolwich dry dock. Take a round at the Cockatoo Island to spend a great day.

  19. Nepean Gorge
  20. Aus nsw nepean river

    long point to mundoo


    Take this long 26 kilometres trip to Nepean Gorge to witness its spectacular gateway into the park. Enjoy a beautiful day in the serenity and peaceful environment. Take a walk to treat yourself with some amazing lookouts in the park.