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5 Things to do in Mackay

5 Things to do in Mackay

The sugar cane capital city of Queensland, Mackay also known for Platypus spotting is the new tourist spot. Travellers from all over are looking as to what else this city has to offer other than Platypus. So, we bring you a list of 5 things to do in Mackay. Spot a Platypus One of the […]

Top 10 Places To See By Kayak in Sydney

Top 10 Places To See By Kayak in Sydney

Apart from many famous sites to visit on land, Sydney is one of the few cities to offer great range of beautiful places to see by Kayak. Treat your eyes with pristine sandy beaches, deep gorges, spectacular views, dense bushlands and what not. So, hire a kayak and set yourself to visit some of the […]

Best Beaches In Sydney

Beaches in Sydney

Sydney boasts a number of great beaches sprinkled around its coasts. Out of hundred beaches it is difficult to pick the best one. However, we have listed 10 beaches which offers great beauty and fun and never leaves any visitor unsatisfied. If you love surfing, beach walking or sunbathing, these beaches should be on your […]

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