Mackenzie Falls is among the largest waterfalls in Victoria, and is noted for providing the best waterfall experience in the area. Located within the Grampians National Park, this waterfall is a must see on your next hiking or camping trip.

Discover Grampians Gariwerd

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Visitors can take a short walk to a viewing platform to see the waterfall, or even hike down a rough, rocky trail that reaches the base of the falls.

Once you’re done admiring the beauty of Mackenzie Falls, here are a few other activities to indulge in.

Visit Reed Lookout and the Balconies

Reed Lookout and the Balconies are giant rocky mountains that provide grand views of the Victoria Valley. Interpretive signs mark the trail reaching to the Reeds Lookout. Be prepared to hike a short distance. A bit further along the track the he Balconies will also provide panoramic views of the valley and the nearby mountain ranges. The trail starts at the Reed Lookout Car park area.

Take an Overnight Hike

Northern Grampians Outdoor Recreation Map Guide

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Overnight hikes are the best way to appreciate the nocturnal flora and fauna of the park. The overnight hikes are physically challenging and should be attempted only by properly equipped visitors with reasonable fitness.

The hikes can involve crossing water, slippery surfaces, and rocks. You should carry a map and perhaps a GPS, mobile phones can be notoriously unreliable in the area. The Spatial Vision Outdoor Recreation Guide Maps “Northern Grampians” and “Southern Grampians” are ideal and will show you all the hiking trails and remote campgrounds.

Day Walks

For the easy going visitor, many day walks can be enjoyed around Halls Gap, these are detailed on the Northern Grampians map. In the far North of the park the energetic walker could climb Mounts Zero or Stapylton for spectacular views across the North-Western plains. Mobile reception is limited so carry a compass, a map, drinking water, and snacks.

The Zumsteins Picnic Area

The Zumsteins picnic area is well equipped with all modern facilities, but still provides a grand view of the local mountains and the landscape. You can walk from here upstream to to MacKenzie Falls, a 7km round trip.