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inReach SE+ is Garmin's new satellite communicators that use global Iridium satellite coverage for interactive SOS, two-way messaging and location tracking anywhere in the world. This model includes a built-in GPS that enables location tracking and basic navigation with waypoints and routes. In case of an emergency, the interactive SOS feature allows you to contact help, receive professional advices on what to do next and confirms that help is on the way. inReach SE+ is Garmin's updated version of... Show More
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Publisher Garmin
Description InReach SE 2-way Satellite Communicator - Garmin. Allows you to stay in touch, trigger an SOS and share your journey - off the grid and out of mobile coverage. You may venture off the grid, but you’re never out of reach – as long as you’re carrying an inReach SE+ . This handheld satellite communicator is designed for the outdoor enthusiast who wants to roam farther and experience more – without compromising their loved ones‘ peace of mind. From backcountry experiences to international adventures, inReach provides communication, location sharing, navigation and critical SOS functions for anyone who loves getting away from it all, on land, water or in the skies. Explore Anywhere. Communicate Everywhere. Using the worldwide coverage of the Iridium satellite network, this go-anywhere portable devices let you exchange text messages with any cell phone number or email address anywhere – while using GPS to track and share your journey’s progress. You can also post to social media or even communicate inReach-to-inReach in the field. In case of an at-risk situation, you can also use inReach to trigger an SOS to the 24/7 monitoring center, text back and forth about the nature of your emergency, and receive confirmation when help is on the way. Subject to subscription plan and usage charges.
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