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Travel Guides and Phrasebooks

Travelling is a favourite activity for people across generations and they do so by exploring diverse places and local flavours. People travel for work, leisure, adventure or to simply break away from the drudgeries of everyday. Independent travellers who wish to be equipped with accurate information while travelling need access to the right sources of information.
Well, the digital world has been permeated with different sources of information for travel. Beyond these modern modes of access to relevant and reliable information there exists a conventional world of travel guides and travel books. No matter how far technology has travelled, vacation lovers still prefer to soak up the smell of a newly bought travel guide.

What value does a travel guide add to your travel experience?

The Importance Travel Guides Phrasebooks
With a good travel guide in hand, travellers can feel more confident and well equipped to take on any adventure. Explained below are the different ways in which travel guides add explicit value to travel experiences across the world.

Travel Guides offer intense level of detail

Milan the Lakes Eyewitness Travel Guide


Travel guides come as a complete package of information, photographs, maps and quick travel tips. Reliable information about cultural, political and economic aspects of the chosen country in explained in detail. Travel guides are updated regularly in order to ensure that the information presented is fresh and not obsolete. The newness of information cannot always be validated while using other electronic sources like travel blogs and websites. When backed with a travel guide from a reliable source, tourists can never go wrong with their facts.

Travel Guides are easy to use and very handy

Dubai Top Ten Travel Guide


Information in these guides is written in a cohesive manner thus making it easy to read and understand. The contents are indexed and this makes finding relevant information easier and quicker. Assimilating complete knowledge about a country or region through travel guides renders more value that picking up small pieces of information from a number of random websites. After the holiday decision is made, travelers can just pick up a good travel guide and enjoy interesting snippets of information whenever they find time. Travel guides are colourful books that come in different sizes and can be carried around easily.

Travel Guides offer access to information at all times

Why do you need phrasebook
Irrespective of the location you travel to, your travel guide can easily fit into the scheme of things. In remote areas with no internet or phone connections and in places with linguistic limitations travel guides become your best friend.

Travel Guides are less expensive and less demanding

German Phrasebook Lonely Planet


Travel guides are definitely less expensive than mobile data plans while roaming in other countries and much easier to handle than most digital devices. Travel guides come in various price ranges and travellers can easily pick the one that best suits their travel needs. People who rely on internet are often interrupted by lack of accessibility and succumb to digital inefficiencies. They look for places to access relevant information which may intrude the course of travel. Travel guides can sit comfortably in your backpack and readily serve your needs with no unwarranted demands.

Travel Guides enhance the spirit of travel

China Lonely Planet Guide


Research has proved that travel guides greatly influence the choice of tourist sites. They throw light on the most interesting aspects of a region and this combined with the creative style of writing from the author instils a keen desire for exploration. Travel guides are characteristic of people who truly enjoy the spirit of travelling rather than staring at smartphones for long periods.
In order to reap the benefits of a travel guide, travelers must look for the following aspects before purchasing one.

  • The newest version of the series must always be chosen.
  • Visual guides with original photographs and updated maps offer a better experience.
  • Content must be customized to precisely cover the place of interest.
  • Travel guides must be a good source of information for both luxury seekers as well as budget travellers. For instance, a book should be able to provide information about the top class restaurants as well as the best street food joints available in the particular city.

Why do you need a phrasebook?

Japanese CD Phrasebook Pack Lonely Planet


Visiting a country that is different in many aspects from your own is exciting as well as challenging. You start with a travel book that offers fine points about the place, its people, culture, language and practices. These books make you feel familiar with the places and help you recognise landmarks and other hints almost instantly. But when do you really start to feel like a part of them?
Language is one of those key factors that help to bridge the gap and to bring people closer to the natives. Phrasebooks are a good place to start learning the crucial basics of any language. During many instances people visiting other countries are happy to learn the basic communication tactics rather than obtaining profound knowledge of grammar.

Important benefits of using a phrasebook


  • Phrasebooks give the right dose of linguistic knowledge required to survive through short vacations.
  • They are very useful and easy to carry when travelling to rural areas of a country.
  • They score high when compared to their digital counterparts in terms of availability and simplicity.
  • They are not expensive and can be availed easily for most languages.
  • They inspire travellers to communicate with locals and aid better learning of the native practices.
  • Almost all phrasebooks come with the phonetics thus making it much easier for the learners.
  • They cover all basic categories of communication and also help learners get more acquainted with the slang.
  • They are easy to comprehend and memorize thus offering a great sense of achievement in a short period of time.

To put it in a nutshell, travel guides and phrasebooks together form the most interesting and informative source of knowledge while travelling to any part of the world. They have remained as the charm of travelling for many years and will continue to serve passionate travellers across the world.

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