January is Tour Down Under time here in Adelaide and the city is alive with lycra and flashing pedals, both professional and amateur. Of course, Carto Graphics is joining in the fun as once again our team will ride the Stage 4 route as part of the Bupa Community Challenge Ride on Friday 24January, just a few hours before the professional teams race the same course. It is hard but enjoyable work, made all the more worthwhile when we gather at the end to swap our ‘war’ stories.

We  have a  couple of cycling specials this month  to celebrate the TDU and festival of cycling,  Where to Ride Adelaide has more than 200 pages of information, maps and track notes for road, mountain and family riding.

The Mawson Trail is a long-distance dirt and off-road trail running 900km from Adelaide to Blinman in the Flinders Ranges, the trail is covered by nine specialist maps and you can get all nine and save over 15%  Mawson Trail Maps.

If you plan to follow the professional riders as they race through the hills we have  two maps which will show  you all the back roads, allowing you to ’leap-frog’ the peleton.  Our  Adelaide Hills and Barossa map is ideal for stages 1, 2 and 3, while our Fleurieu Peninsula map will cover stages 4 and 5. We have combined these two maps as a  Peleton Chaser  special two-map pack saving over 20%.

Enjoy the Tour Down Under and all the festivities and if you see us on the road  say Hi!