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Top 10 Places To Visit In Victoria

The wonderful state of Victoria,Australia, has a lot to offer and never leaves anyone disappointed. Famous for its beaches, national parks and not to forget its capital Melbourne has some hidden gems which need to be chiseled apart from famous destinations. We don’t want you to lose any chance to see these places so we have filtered a list of 10 places you must visit in Victoria.

  1. Bay Of Islands

    Victoria Off Beaten Track


    Bay of Islands coastal park which is just beyond 12 Apostles situated on the Great Ocean Road has such ocean views that will make you awe-struck and also provide access to a number of accessible deserted beaches. Decorated with cliffs and rock stacks with spring wildflowers adding to the beauty, this place also provides steep boat ramp for some adventure.
  2. Tower Hill

    The beautiful Tower Hill located just beyond the 12 Apostles was formed 30,000 years ago in a violent volcanic eruption which is now a wildlife sanctuary. Lake, creeks and islands being this place’s main attraction is also home to Koalas, Emus, Kangaroos and many species of waterbirds.

  3. Mailbox 141

    Mailbox 141 located in the heart of Melbourne’s arts precinct displays the artistic experiments of New York. This smallest art gallery displays art works in a row of glass fronted mailboxes in the entrance Foyer. The best thing about this gallery is it changes exhibition every few months.

  4. Squeaky Beach

    Melbourne Region Map


    Take a walk on this pristine white sand beach which does complete justice to its name ‘squeaky’ as when you walk on this mesmerizing beach, the rounded grains of quartz make a squeaky sound. If you are an animal lover then a drive accompanied with mesmerizing lookouts over Wilson’s Promontory will be worth for you.
  5. Pine Mountain

    Pine Mountain located in Burrowa Pine Mountain National Park is said to be one-and-a-half times the size of Uluru. Pine Mountain is linked with Mt. Burrowa attracts a number of visitors as it offers bushwalking, camping, climbing, photography and birdwatching.

  6. Peninsula Hot Springs

    If you wanna spend sometime relaxing then this is the place for you. This is the first and only natural hot spring and day spa centre in Australia. It has natural thermal mineral water flow into the pools and private baths giving you a rejuvenating and relaxing experience.

  7. Mira Mira

    Victoria Map Large


    By bringing Mira Mira accommodation, Gippsland has successfully brought the fantasy world in reality. This self contained two bedroom retreats gives a kick to your fantasy world by bringing it into reality. This accommodation is a paradise for everyone who has ever dreamt of living in a fantasy world.
  8. Herring Island

    This island in the Yarra River is accessible only by boat. Herring Island, Environmental Sculpture Park is artists and art-lovers paradise. Following European footsteps, this place features art pieces created from natural material like stone, earth and wood.

  9. Nine Levels of Darkness

    Take a chance to jump into the 228 metres underground into the Australia’s deepest underground point and operate a mine drill in the Central Deborah Gold Mine which once extracted 929kg gold when it was in function. So take up this adventure and do it the 1900’s way.

  10. Little Desert National Park

    Victoria Handy Map


    Little Desert National Park features a number of activities from simple bird watch and enjoying the natural habitat to 4WD, dirt bike riding and hiking. As this area experiences only 400-600mm of rainfall annually hence, named Little Desert National Park. This park offers rugged track which are ideal for all adventure sports and hiking trails ranging from three hours to three days of excursion.

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