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Top 10 Fishing Spots In Western Australia

Australia, a land of sprawling coastline, lakes and rivers is a perfect choice for all those who love fishing. Australia offers a rich species of aquatic life which is the biggest attraction of this place for all fishers. We bring you a list of fishing spots in Australia you gotta try. So pack your fishing gear and get set fish!

  1. Exmouth
  2. Exmouth

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    A few hours flight or two days drive from Perth will get you to the World Heritage listed Ningaloo Reef, Exmouth. Take your boat over the inner reef of Ningaloo and discover 500 species of fish which will prove that this place is a paradise for all you fishing lover rewarding you with a sight of dolphins, manta rays, turtles, humpback whales and the gentle whale shark.

  3. Kalbarri
  4. Kalbarri

    Kalbarri will give you a chance to explore 400 million year old river gorges in a six and a half drive from Perth. This place offers a number of fun activities to enjoy combined with fishing. If you are looking for a weekend getaway combined with some fishing, this place is the ideal destination.

  5. Fitzroy River
  6. Fitzroy
    Fitzroy river offers a catchment area of 90,000 square kilometres flowing from Geikie Gorge National Park into the sea at King Sound. Get Barramundi hooked in your fishing rod while camping. Experience a perfect relaxing spot for short getaways.

  7. Shark Bay
  8. Shark Bay
    Shark Bay features 320 varieties of fish among a vast species of reptiles, plants, birds. Dig deep into the clear water of Shark Bay to catch fishes from a huge variety of species and in addition get a chance to see rare burrowing frogs and white fairy wrens.

  9. Montebello Island
  10. Montebello Islands
    Take a trip to Montebello Island and fish on this pristine island while living aboard. This place offers a number of species to start with cray fish to marlin, including red emperor, coral trout, rankin cod, spangled emperor, Spanish mackerel, wahoo and sailfish and the list goes on.

  11. Rottnest Island
  12. Rottnest Island
    Go fishing to this beautiful car free island, away from all the city hustle. Along with fishing you can also enjoy some of Australia’s finest swimming sports and sight of whales and seals. Few of many ways to reach this island are ferry, helicopter or cruising your own boat.

  13. Blackwood River
  14. Blackwood River

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    The largest river in the south west flows from the wheat belt town of Wagin has many walk trails combined with scenic beauty. Blackwood river gives you an opportunity to catch giant herring, big blue spot flathead, milkfish and yellowfin whiting. You can combine your fishing experience with birdwatching and kayaking or canoeing.

  15. Busselton Jetty
  16. BusseltonJetty
    Experience the second longest jetty in the world located three hours south of Perth. This place boasts a wide variety of fish from crabs, squid to Mulloway. Samson fish can be catched all year round whereas, Salmon are a chance to catch. Along with these, a large variety of other fish is also found to increase your joy of fishing.

  17. Kalgan River, Albany
  18. Kalganriver



    Kalgan river famous for fishing gives all you fishing lovers a chance to catch black bream, skipper, herring and whiting. Apart from fishing Kalgan is also famous for boat cruises and birdwatching. You can combine your fishing with the popular water skiing and canoeing. Drive for four and a half hours from Perth to reach your destination.

  19. Cape Arid, Esperance
  20. Cape Arid

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    Take the exquisite experience of beach fishing in the untouched paradise, Cape Arid National Park. Your fishing experience will be filled with a huge variety of fish including the resident Salmon and Herring. To top it with some other activities combined with are great picnic spots with beautiful coastal scenery, self-guided walking trails, swimming and exciting 4WD.


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    The Perth metropolitan area is under recreational fishing pressure but there are still plenty of fish to be had

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    All these top spots, rottnest island i like most. I will try to keep rottnest island on my planning in 2021. The place should be visited once.
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