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Monarto Zoo – Four Unmissable Events

The Monarto Zoo, a short drive from Adelaide, is one of the largest open range zoos in the world at over 1,000 hectares area. The zoo is dedicated to wildlife conservation efforts, and is home to over 50 exotic species of animals.

A large part of the zoo terrain has been landscaped to mimic local terrains of the animal homes, for example African plains and Asian steppes. Monarto Zoo is an environmentally driven sanctuary with technology in place for waste water recycling and solar power.

Here’s a list of current zoo events that you can take advantage of to make your trip even more fun:

Guided Autumn Bush Walks

Adelaide Hills & Barossa Map

$ 9.95

The Autumn Bush Walks provide a guided walking tour of the zoo. In over ten kilometres, visitors get a chance of see the native flora and meet the animals and birds of the zoo up close.

You’ll also hear about the efforts that go into conservation and helping stabilise the endangered species at the zoo. The bush walks are only available during April to May and must be booked in advance.

Monarto Restoration Project Planting Festival

Monarto SA Topographic Map

$ 9.95

The planting festival invites volunteers of all ages to help plant over 5500 young trees and shrubs. The festival is held several times a year to help introduce new native species to restore the park’s natural environment.

Visitors should be dressed in comfortable gardening clothing and bring a set of gardening gloves. Food will be provided by the zoo authorities.

A Nature Walk Through the Park

Adelaide and Region Map - Hema Maps

$ 8.95

Nature walks are available during the morning and are perfect for bird watchers, wildlife lovers, and nature enthusiasts to see the animals in their natural habitat, and to explore other fun aspects of the zoo. The nature walks are available as guided tours.

Winter Warmer at Indaba

The Winter Warmer is a paid annual event that is a great way for park visitors to see what happens at the park after sunset. Watch the animals snuggle in for the night, and then gather around a fire for food, fun, and games.

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