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Making the Most Out of Port Princess Dolphin Cruise

The Port Princess Dolphin Cruise operates on the Port River, which is technically a tidal estuary located near Adelaide. The river is used as a commercial shipping canal, for fishing operations, and also has a ship graveyard with ships dating from the 1800s.

Port Adelaide

AUS 137 – Port Adelaide – $35

Even though all this sounds good, the best part about the river are the dolphin cruises. Port River is home to over a hundred dolphins, and is among the only two places in the world to have a permanent dolphin population.

Lunch cruises are also available upon the MV Port Princess, a new addition to the cruise line. Here are some of the things to look out for while enjoying time on the river
Dolphin Watching
The highlight of the Port Princess Dolphin Cruise is definitely dolphin watching. Watch them swimming along the hull and bow of the ship, see them tending to the young ones, and make sure you make videos or take as many pictures as you can for a lasting memory.

Several cruise options are available ranging from 2.5 hours to 1.5 hours. Each type of cruise is priced differently.
Torrens Island Power Station & ASC

Garden Island Ships Graveyard

Garden Island Ships Graveyard – $14.95

For all the engineers and tech loving people, looking at the Torrens Island Power Station is going to be a wonderful part of the journey. The power station uses natural gas to generate electricity, and is the largest of its type in South Australia. You will also cruise past the newly-launched air warfare destroyer, soon to be commissioned as HMAS Hobart, the first of three being built at ASC shipyard.
Port River Pelicans
Depending on what month of the year you cruise along the Port River, you might be lucky enough to catch glimpses of pelicans interacting with dolphins. The dolphin and pelican population is at risk because of the heavy industrialisation along the river. The Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary is working hard to conserve the local species.
The Mangroves
The local mangrove system is home to several interesting animal and insect species and is an important breeding ground for fish, crabs and other sea life – a delightful experience for any nature lover.

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