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How to Choose the Right Wall Map?

Have you ever been fascinated by the walls of a classroom or office space adorned with huge, colourful and detailed maps? Most would agree with this one! These focus absorbers are called wall maps. Wall maps come in different dimensions and offer a very high level of functionality. They are highly engaging and motivate onlookers towards better learning and analytical skills.

Important while purchasing wall maps

Tegan Wall Map

To have the right wall maps as a part of the learning space, the following factors must be considered while choosing the wall map.

  • Size: Measure and do not guess

    The first and the most critical feature of a wall map is its size. Measure the space available on the wall before you order a map. Maps that are too big or too small for the wall lose their aesthetic value. Maps can also be framed in order to look more attractive.

  • Colours on the map

    Sydney Suburban Wall Map UBD Laminated


    Colours in a map are used to differentiate its various features. Maps are usually of two types, Political Maps and Physical Maps. Political maps use a wider range of colours to differentiate countries, states and cities within a given region. Colours used in this case do not have a special meaning but the choice of colours used must clearly define the boundaries. This makes learning easier and also enhances the look of the map. Colours used in physical maps are more important as each shade of a colour has a meaning attached to it. For instance, a littler shade of red may show lower altitudes that places coloured in deeper red. Colours in this case are used to represent various physical features of land such as soil, vegetation, weather and so on. However physical maps do not define boundaries like a political map. The choice of map type depends on the intended use.
  • Outline maps for displaying own information

    There is another category of maps with absolutely no colour on them, they are called outline maps. These maps find greater use in business functions such as marketing, sales and delivery. Areas on a laminated outline map can be analysed using temporary markers and help dealing with business concerns like defining sales territories, logistics strategies, planning zone based business strategies and so on.

  • Flags on a map

    World Flags Wall Map Pacific Centred Laminated


    Some maps come with the illustration of flags on the specific countries. This is mainly useful when the area under study has many smaller regions and differentiating between them becomes difficult. Young children find it interesting to associate the flag symbols to the countries. These are an added feature of maps and tend to greatly appeal to the younger audience.
  • Legibility of the map

    It is good to have a map with the most intricate details in it. However this must not affect the readability of the map. Larger maps accommodate readable text along with ample detail. Maps must use a variety of font sizes to differentiate prominent and critical features from the less important ones. Detail and legibility are both important for a map and one must not be compromised for the other.

With due consideration of all the above factors, buyers can now compare prices and choose the wall map that best suits their needs.

Key benefits of wall maps

Wall mapsgreat source learning

Wall maps can be used in different ways and their visual attractiveness makes them an interesting tool across various sectors. Find out below how wall maps can add great value effortlessly.

  • Wall maps are a great source of learning

    Maps are a critical part of the learning process and can engage students in the analysis of geographically important information sets. They act as the right fodder for the creative minds and motivate them to explore the world instantly. Wall maps appeal to students of all ages and are also useful while teaching students with disabilities like dyslexia. Children often spend time staring at these huge wall maps and quietly examine its various features. Teaching about the world becomes easier with maps and these teaching aids break the monotony of reading verbose textbooks.

  • Wall maps have multiple uses outside the school environment

    Australia Wall Map Laminated


    Wall maps in the office are more than just ornaments. They help assimilate new information with much ease. People new to strategically important roles in marketing and sales can better understand the regional complexities by using a map. A line on a map can clearly identify ‘ownership’ of a sales or franchise territory. Mark your maps with customer locations to aid delivery scheduling

    Maps are also used in language learning and in location based research to gain a deeper insight into the various aspects of the country or state. Irrespective of the place of use, maps are a great creative tool that accelerates the thinking process along various tangents.

  • Boasts and Dreams

    A wall map when marked up can serve to remind you of past journeys inviting discussions and memories of places visited. Using stickers or marker pens you can display the roads you have travelled, the cities you have visited or the countries you have toured. More importantly, you can use your wall map for inspiration when planning your next trip across the state, across the nation or around the world!

  • Wall maps are a good source of reference

    Wall maps installed at home or office, quickly turn into a handy tool of reference. For instance, families start referring to the map while planning trips. They may also use maps to share important memories from the past. Maps can be referred while discussing worldly affairs with colleagues at work place. The use of maps for referencing evolves slowly but steadily.

  • Wall maps have high decorative value

    Kangaroo Island Wall MapZoom Kangaroo Island Wall Map Kangaroo Island Map Laminated Wall Map


    World wall maps are a classy way of adding aesthetic value to conference rooms, office hallways and classrooms. The bright colours and intellectual value of maps appeal to all. Laminated maps on large walls offer a contemporary look to the office space. They are characteristic of a learning environment and can therefore enhance the look of practically any room.
  • Wall maps breathe life into the learning process

    Maps can be used to teach various aspects about the world effortlessly. They act as a wonderful tool to unleash the creative power of the mind and add a tinge of exhilaration while learning geography. Children understand the vastness of the world and grow curious about its various features. Maps are believed to be instrumental in building a new perspective about the world we live in.

Clearly, wall maps deliver a multitude of benefits to their proud owners and investing in a wall map is one of the best decisions that can be made.

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