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Himeji Garden – Four essentials while you are strolling through

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The Adelaide Himeji Garden, a gift from Adelaide’s Japanese sister city Himeji in 1982 to celebrate the links between the two cities, is another gem in the Adelaide Parklands. This small, peaceful garden is an amalgamation of the senzui and the kare senzui classical Japanese garden styles. Initially designed by the local municipal council, the gardens were later landscaped to conform to a traditional Japanese garden style. Guided tours are available and lucky visitors might even be able to catch glimpses of a wedding in progress.

Here are four landscape favourites to look out for when enjoying your visit to these beautiful gardens

The Garden Lake

The Garden Lake, essentially the senzui, is a man-made lake designed to replicate the heart or the soul of the human mind. Water flows into a lake from a waterfall while the lake waters are designed to be calm. According to Buddhism, the calmness or stillness of the water offers tranquillity of the mind.

Tea House

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The Tea House is integral to all Japanese Gardens and was a central element of the Japanese culture. The building materials used in constructing the Himeji Garden tea house were timber and thatch, to represent a Zen temple. The Tea House is designed to bring serenity in the tea ceremony participants.

Matsu Pine Trees

Matsu pine trees are located near the lake. Known as the Black Pine in Japan, the trees were actually transported from the country. They are an important Japanese symbol, one of displaying courage during times of adversity, since they are evergreen and don’t shed leaves in winter.

The Gatehouse

Japanese Gardens were designed to be places of reflection and meditation. They were considered as holy places, which is why the gate is designed like a temple. To explore the garden in true Japanese spirits, visitors can wash their hands in the water bowl next to the gate. According to the Japanese, kneeling to wash hands prepares visitors to appreciate the true beauty of the garden.

The Himeji Garden is located just off South Terrace in the south-eastern portion of the Adelaide Parklands.

Come and enjoy the serene calm.

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