Wine industry has a major share in the Australian economy which makes it the fourth largest producer of wine in the world. Australia produces some of the finest wine and what increases the taste of wine is savouring its taste in the beautiful and scenic wineries. Here is a list of the best wineries in Australia which are great to spend a relaxing, luxurious and tasteful weekend.

  1. Highbank Wines

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    Savour the taste of premium handcrafted wines in the amazing outbacks of Highbank Wines which is situated midway between Melbourne and Adelaide. Plan a stay at the romantic picturesque cottages of Highbank wines with your own vineyard setting where you can sit and enjoy the taste of their finest wines.

  3. Longview Vineyard

  4. Enjoy the breathtaking panoramic views while tasting the best wine of Australia at Longview Vineyard which is just an hour’s drive away from Adelaide. The vineyard suites offering views over the pinot noir vines will make it difficult for you to go back home.

  5. Skillogalee Wines

  6. Skillogalee Wines will allow you to taste the heavenly wines in the most scenic environment. Accommodations are situated on a hill which will give you great views. This winery will feed your eyes and soul. Savour the fine wine and feed your soul with the eye luring views of the fields.

  7. Borrodell on the Mount

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    Being located on the slopes on the extinct volcano Mount Canobolas which is about 3.5 hours drive from Melbourne offers picturesque views is what makes this winery stand out apart from its great wine. It is one of the highest vineyards in Australia which offers a treat to eyes when you sip wine while watching 6000 cherry trees blossoming from above.

  9. Keith Tulloch Wines

  10. Plan a great weekend getaway to Keith Tulloch Wines to taste the best handmade wine. Their personalised wine tasting trip combined with serene and picturesque lookouts makes it stand out from the rest.

  11. Port Phillip Estate

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    Located just an hour away from Melbourne, this winery will leave you spellbound. Taste the fine wine and dine in their chic, modern dining room while enjoying the great view of this winery region. Spend a relaxing weekend at their ultra luxe modernist apartments.

  13. Crittenden Estate

  14. Taste the tasty wines like Pinot Noirs and Los Hermanos and spend a much relaxing weekend than ever. Experience staying in over water villas and savouring your favourite wine while this will give you an experience of being surrounded by dirt and wine. Their fine wines which have a hint of Italy and Spain must be cherished.

  15. Lindenderry at Red Hill

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    Nothing can beat the joy of having wine in a spa which can be experienced Lindenderry winery. Being located at the Red Hills, this will allow you to enjoy beach, water adventures and relaxing walks at the Mornington Peninsula. Also, have a room with views of exquisite gardens and private courtyards and wineries surrounding the property.

  17. Cape Lodge

  18. Located just three kilometres from white sand beaches and three hour drive from Perth, this winery probably has everything to keep you entertained ap art from relaxing. The taste of their fine wine increases with super stylish country house accommodation which comes with a swimming pool and tennis court.

  19. Mona Pavilions

  20. Enjoy tasting zesty whites and Pinot Noir with sumptuous French fine dine. Mona also known for holding Australia’s most avant-garde art exhibitions acts like cherry to the cake. Their chic and contemporary riverside pavilions decorated with owner’s art collection will not want you leave that place.