Australia is a land rich in bird species. Amazing views and lookouts offer great birdwatching opportunities which is adorned by us all. If you love observing beautiful birds flying freely up in the sky in their most natural habitat then you must visit these best places for birdwatching in Australia.

  1. Broome Bird Observatory
  2. Broome Bird Observatory
    Travel to Western Australia to treat your eyes with more than 300 species of birds and bonus of 50 species of world’s shorebirds. This place offers multiple species owing to its location, being situated on mudflat shores of Roebuck Bay it witness the annual migration of birds in search of food from Asia in March/April.

  3. Kakadu National Park
  4. kakadu national park

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    This famous national park which is located north-east of Darwin provides the best opportunities to explore and lure 280 bird species in this 20,000 sq. km. park which is huge enough to cater all your expectations. The midsummer storms from the Indian Ocean makes sparse wetlands over the low lying terrains which will give you an opportunity to witness water birds.

  5. Daintree Rainforest
  6. Daintree Rainforest

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    Daintree Rainforest being World Heritage-listed site which is very popular globally and also among the locals. This tropical rainforest with thick forest, flowing rivers and wet conditions is a great site to watch 430 different species of birds combined with mind blowing views combined with other activities.

  7. Christmas Island
  8. Christmas Island
    This tropical isolated island has limestone cliffs and patches of rainforest with no history with natural predators and humans. This island is mostly populated with seabirds and wandrers and it is also home to many migrating red crabs which further attracts many birds and makes it a perfect spot to witness species of birds.

  9. Atherton Tablelands
  10. Atherton Tablelands



    Once a volcano, this dense rainforest is home to various species of birds and the volcanic crater lakes make it home to 11 endemic species and also non endemic species of birds. This place will be treat to your eyes as you can witness beautiful species of birds and if you are visiting this area in summers/spring you’ll be able to counter male bowerbirds charming female bowerbirds.

  11. Dandenong Ranges
  12. Mt Dandenong from Mooroolbark
    Located just 40kms from Melbourne this is one of the favourite spot for bird lovers. You can find diverse variety of beautiful native birds which are best to see in winters when the rains are frequent and the weather is cold, birds come out then. This place also have great picnic spots.

  13. Lord Howe Island
  14. Lord Howe Island

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    This site is a World Heritage-listed site and boasts southernmost coral reef in the world. This place will provide you a chance to see birdlife in its most raw form. There is a high population of nesting seabirds, other than that you can witness Lord Howe woodhen roaming around and other birds like white tern, black-winged petrel.

  15. Chiltern
    Located near NSW border this place is great for scouting. There are plenty of dams on this site which makes it great for you to sit down in peace enjoy the scenery and birds who stop by to drink water from the dam. The best time to visit this site is undoubtedly spring.

  17. Gluepot Reserve
  18. Gluepot Reserve
    This 50,000 ha wide area is home to 197 bird species and 6 nationally endangered species. This large mallee scrub area has a variety of flora and fauna which gives you a chance to encounter large variety of birds and animals. This area also has hundreds of year old trees which enhances the bird watching experience.

  19. Fogg Dam Conservation Reserve
  20. FoggDam


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    This area located in the lower Adelaide River catchment proves to be heaven for wildlife lovers. These wetlands shelters 230 species of birds and its parts like billabongs, monsoon forest and wetlands have jabiru which is Australia’s only stork. This wetland is one of the few wetlands which is accessible by people and is birdwatcher’s paradise.