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Best Beaches In Sydney

Sydney boasts a number of great beaches sprinkled around its coasts. Out of hundred beaches it is difficult to pick the best one. However, we have listed 10 beaches which offers great beauty and fun and never leaves any visitor unsatisfied. If you love surfing, beach walking or sunbathing, these beaches should be on your list this summer.

  1. Tamarama Beach
  2. Tamarama_Sydney_Australia

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    Tamarama Beach, also known as ‘Glamarama’ since 1980’s is Sydney’s gayest beach and is very popular among gays and models. With narrow string of sand, this beach is one of the busiest beach in the country and its beauty is rare for a city beach. Tamarama is also Sydney’s most dangerous beach owing to the rips coming from either side of the bay which may be thrilling for surfers but dangerous for swimmers.

  3. Manly Beach
  4. Manly_beach
    Manly beach is a perfect combination of fun filled beach life. Journey to manly adds on to the beauty of this beach as a half an hour ferry ride from Circular Quay gives you a different experience altogether adding to the beauty of this beach. This beach is a perfect destination for surfing, swimming combined with wine and dine.

  5. Bilgola Beach
  6. Bilgola_Surf_Livesaving_Club_sydney_Australia
    Bilgola is a quiet and unspoiled beach hidden at the bottom of a hill. This less mentioned beach is located behind a jungle of palm trees and lantana. The rips crashing makes it great for surf and its solidity makes it the most beautiful beach of the Northern Beaches.

  7. Bondi Beach
  8. Bondi_Beach_Sydney_Australia
    Bondi Beach is the most popular and overcrowded beach of Sydney. This place has everything from cafes, bars to stalls, scenic tracks to swim and surf which makes it over crowded and too busy hotspot for tourists. This famous beach stretches for almost a kilometer and is a perfect place to spend a day.

  9. Freshwater Beach
  10. freshwater_swimming_pool

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    Freshwater Beach is the birthplace of surfing in Australia, when Hawaiian Duke Kahanamoku introduced it back in 20th century. This beach also features great sunset body surf. It is also the first beach north of Manly and also have delightful eight-lane rock pool.

  11. Bronte Beach
  12. Bronte_Beach__sydney_Australia
    Bronte Beach is regarded as one of the best beach in Sydney owing to the protected ocean swim. This easily accessible city beach is a great location for picnic with spacious barbeque area and many cafes and takeaways. This beach is an ideal place to relax under the rock ledge after a great scenic walk and swim.

  13. Shelly Beach
  14. Shelly_Beach_Manly_sydney_Australia
    Shelly Beach is a perfect point for picnic. This secluded beach is surrounded by bush is convenient to get to by ferry. This calm place is the favourite spot of scuba divers, paddle boarders and swimmers.

  15. Nielsen Park Beach
  16. Nielsen-Park-Beach_sydney_Australia



    Nielsen Park beach is a hidden little gem despite being a crowded beach. It is referred to as secluded because it is not a touristy place. This beach offers beautiful views and is a great family picnic spot. You can enjoy swimming and snorkelling at this beautiful hidden beach.

  17. Palm Beach
  18. Palm_Beach_sydney_Australia
    Palm Beach has some of the most breathtaking views on its way and is a picture perfect sand destination on a sunny day. This beach offers some eye luring views you will ever see.

  19. Milk Beach
  20. Milk_Beach,_Sydney_Australia
    Milk Beach is an isolated beach surrounded by Strickland House but it gets very busy during the summer months and also features some of the thumping parties at the beach. There is plenty to do at this beach from picnic to fishing, snorkeling and long walks it has it all though there is limited access to this beach it offers great scenery.

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