All you outdoor people who love 4WD, Tasmania has some challenging and rugged tracks which will allow you to savor some adventurous experience. Thrilling tracks accompanied with sprawling sightseeing is a perfect combination one can ask for. From a number of such great tracks, we have listed some thrillings tracks in Tasmania which will suit your taste buds.

  1. St. Albans Bay
  2. St

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    Get on the sandy tracks of St. Albans Bay which runs from Bridport and the beaches of Bellingham. This route is mostly of very soft sand and is suitable for 4WD. It is advised to move in a group from safety point of view. It will take you around an hour or two to take this adventurous ride. If you wish to stop to take some time off, there is a free campsite available however, there are no facilities available on the campsite.

  3. Sandy Cape Track
  4. Best known for challenges with muddy waterholes, steep sand dunes, river crossing and some quick sand. All this adventure combined in one 64 km long track is thrilling. This track is full of adventure, best to quench your thrill thirst for long.

  5. Balfour Track
  6. Balfour-Track
    This amazing track is located 5 km south of Temma on the far North West Coast of Tasmania. This track has been rated difficult owing to 70 meter long canal like stretch of water on one side. This stretch makes it difficult and extremely challenging to cross this track but on the other hand, it serves as the shining gem of this track. Rest of the track is not that difficult to cross.

  7. Borradaile Plains 4WD Track
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    Borradaile Plains track is an easy and scenic track but gets a little difficult during rains. This is a popular location for trout fishing which makes it even more loved by people and it also offers beautiful views of the Great Western Tiers. It takes around 65 minutes to cover this track and if you are interested in camping, there are campsites along the way. However, snow, high winds and rains it a little dangerous during winters.

  9. Arthur River
  10. Arthur-River-mouth
    Arthur River track is one of the challenging tracks in Tasmania. During rains it becomes a little dangerous as the large logs get washed down the river during the heavy rains. It takes around 35 minutes to complete this challenging track. In order to access this track, you need a self registered permit which is valid for 14 days.

  11. Brushy Lagoon 4WD Track
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    Brushy Lagoon is an easy track which gives you a chance to enjoy the scenic beauty along the way. However, it gets during heavy rains. This location is famous for trout fishing and amazing views of the Great Western Tiers. I takes around 40 minutes to complete this track. It is recommended not to travel alone and if you are, you must carry all the recovery equipments with you. Also, there are many places to camp on the shore of Brushy Lagoon.

  13. Mt. Huxley
  14. Mount Huxley from air
    This rugged track gives you an opportunity to enjoy views of Queenstown. It takes two and half hours for to and fro trip. The main attraction of this track is a 5 km long gravel road. There is also a free campsite along Lake Burbury. This track is easy most way but gets adventurous in wet season owing to slippery climbs and deep washouts.

  15. Oonah Hill Track Zeehan
  16. Oonah hill track is approx 11 km long track and takes around 25 minutes to complete. The difficulty level of this track is medium and there is no permit required to access this track. There are several campsite available with a great view over Zeehan.

  17. Sarah Anne Rocks 4WD Track
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    Sarah Anne Rocks track offers a great deal to 4WD lovers to take a side trip towards the coast near Smithton Tasmania. The difficulty level of this track is rated medium and an off-road permit is required for the access of this track. It is advised to pack some warm clothes and wet gears as the weather there is quite unpredictable.

  19. Southport Lagoon Track
  20. Southport Tasmania
    Southport Lagoon track is a rocky track which makes it accessible by sturdy vehicles only. You can also enjoy boating however, you need to walk and carry your boat for some meters to water to launch it. There is camp facility available but it gets risky during winters as it gets prone to snow, wind and rains.