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Almanda Silver Mine – Planning the perfect getaway

Scott Creek Conservation Park Map

Scott Creek Conservation Park Map – $12

Scott Creek Conservation Park

The Almanda Silver Mine, less than an hour’s drive out of Adelaide is a central feature of the Scott Creek Conservation Park. This park has a series of walking trails winding through native bushland on either side of Scott Creek. The Almanda Silver Mine walking trail is a 2.5 hour long route that can be explored on foot. The mine ruins can be found on the park map. Interpretative marked trails make it easier to find the ruins.

The park is a protected area, and cars are only allowed up till designated car parking spots.

The Almanda Silver Mine in Adelaide became operational in the 1850’s as the Wheal Maria copper mine. It was renamed Almanda Silver Mine in 1868 when silver was discovered in the ore and the Almanda Silver Mining Association took over the mine’s operations. The discovery of silver caused a silver rush to the nearby areas in the late 1800s.

Substantial capital was invested to develop the mine but it was never profitable and was abandoned a few years later. Now you can explore the well-signposted mine ruins, shafts and tunnels. Bring your torch!

Here is a list of nearby areas to explore and what to look out for when visiting the mine –

Shafts and Ruins

Fleurieu Peninsula Map

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Dilapidated shafts and ruins can be explored by park visitors. Signs exist near all major areas of interest to highlight the function and architecture of each component.

Bagots shaft and the Wheal Mary Anne Shaft are of particular interest. Bagots shaft was named after Edward Bagot, who was a major stakeholder in the Almanda Mining Association. The shaft had a portable engine and was at a depth of 29 meters in 1870.

The Wheal Mary Anne shaft was installed in 1862 and the collapsed ruins can be seen below the bridge leading to the mine.

The Enginehouse ruins and the Eys Tunnel are also interesting landmarks. The Enginehouse ruins include the remains of the ore treatment plant from the late 1860s.

The Eys Tunnel can be explored by visitors using torches. It is about 60 meters long and was built to connect the lode to the Wheal Mary Anne shaft. Kids will love this spooky adventure.

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