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Aldinga Beach Holiday – Three ideas for a perfect outing

50 Real Bushwalks Around AdelaideAldinga Beach in South Australia is a wonderful blue water beach with spectacular views of the neighbouring cliffs. It’s one of the few beaches in Australia where visitors can take their cars right on the sand, making it easier to reach surfing trails.

If you’re holidaying at Aldinga Beach and want something more than just the sun and the sand, here are a few options that will make your trip even more enjoyable –

Vineyards of the Fleurieu Peninsula and the McLaren Vale

Yankalilla SA Topographic Map

The Fleurieu Peninsula is a part of the Fleurieu wine zone in Southern Australia. Each area of the Fleurieu zone is famous for a specific type of wine. In particular, the peninsular region is known for Riesling, Malbec, and Cabernet Sauvignon wines, among a few others.

The region has five prominent wineries that offer wine tours and tastings.

The McLaren Vale is known for dry red wines and is known as the traditional home for grape growing and wine making in the district. It is an old town where some of the original wine making families still produce and own vineyards.

Take the Underwater Trail

The underwater trail at the Aldinga beach is famous among surfers and thrill seekers. It provides spectacular views of the rich aquatic life of the region, and also includes drop offs to an underwater cliff.

Snorkelers and deep sea divers are bound to enjoy this spot.

The Aldinga Reef Aquatic Reserve

Fleurieu Peninsula Map

The aquatic reserve is a protected area offshore from the Aldinga beach. The reserve was founded in the 1970’s with the purpose of protecting the limestone reef and the underwater cliff. The Aldinga Reef reserve is home to several exotic aquatic species.

Given the remarkable fauna of the region, the beach authorities do not allow fishing in the area.

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