All those people who love adventure sports combined with some leisurely time to spend in the amazing campsites. Well, We have listed 10 campsites near Perth which almost all the basic facilities for your convenience so that your camping experience goes smooth.

  1. Baden Powell Campground
  2. Baden Powell



    Baden Powell Campground is located in Lane Poole Reserve. This newly opened ground which started in 2013 is well equipped with facilities like individual campsites, gas barbeques camp kitchen and flushing toilets. They welcome your dogs but with certain conditions. Before going there, make sure you have a booking in advance.

  3. Homestead Campsite
  4. homestead
    Homestead Campsite is located in Avon Valley National Park. This freeform, shaded camping area beside creek has 4-5 sites. Bookings do not apply they operate on first come first serve basis. This campsite has picnic tables, toilet, fire rings but does not permit dogs. The best time to visit is late autumn to spring.

  5. Martins Tank Lake Campground
  6. Martins Tank Lake Campground is located in Yalgorup National park. This campsite gives you a chance to see Thrombolites. You can enjoy birdwatching and wildlife spotting while kayaking. You can go 4WD to a near beach and enjoy fishing Whiting and Tailor and sometimes Mulloway.

  7. Allison Camping Area
  8. Allison Camping



    Allison Camping Area is located in Rottnest Island. Located off the coast, Rottnest Island is known for recreational activities. You can enjoy fishing, snorkeling, swimming, boating and surfing. Riding a bicycle is the best way to explore this interesting island with varying history and delightful roads. Access to this paradise is via ferry services from Perth, Hillarys and Fremantle.

  9. Perth Hills National Parks Centre Campsite
  10. Perth Hills National Parks
    Perth Hills National Parks Centre Campsite is located in Beelu National Park. Enjoy great scenic sidewalks throughout the area. This campsite has camp kitchen and wood fire place for you to enjoy barbeque. You can enjoy cycling and hiking in the vicinity.

  11. Guilderton Caravan Park
  12. Sorrento Foreshore Caravan



    Guilderton Caravan Park is the perfect destination located at the mouth of the Moore River. This is a great camping site with lots of basic amenities. Sit back and spend a leisurely time enjoy and luring the beauty of nature at its best. However, you can enjoy fishing, swimming, boating, walking and bird watching in the vicinity.

  13. Lake Leschenaultia Campsite
  14. Lake Leschenaultia
    Lake Leschenaultia Campsite is very well equipped campsite with access to a number of facilities like bbq, hot showers, washing machines, playground for children and many other facilities. Also, you can enjoy cycling, birdwatching, bushwalking, canoeing, hiking and mountain biking in the vicinity.

  15. Chuditch Camping Area
  16. caravan2


    Chuditch Camping Area is located in Lane Poole Reserve. This site has a range of facilities and is good for caravans. You can enjoy activities like swimming, fishing, cycling, boating, hiking and bird watching. Booking are essential here and they welcome your dogs.

  17. Wave Rock Caravan Park
  18. Wave Rock
    Wave Rock Caravan Park is located at the base of Wave Rock. Enjoy the serenity of environment with activities like hiking, birdwatching, cycling, wildlife spotting. This park offers a number of facilities like hot showers, telephone, picnic table and they also let your dog camp with you.

  19. Shire of Moora Caravan Park
  20. Moore River
    Shire of Moora Caravan Park is located in Moora. The main attraction of this area is unique variety of wildflowers which bloom in spring. This park offers facilities like hot showers, water but it needs to be treated before drinking, picnic tables. You can also enjoy hiking and swimming in the vicinity. Also, you can bring your dog along.